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Hi, I'm Tom! I make puzzle books in my spare time and I try to infuse them with positive stuff. If any of my puzzle books make even the slightest positive impact on someone's life, then I would count that as a great success.

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sample word search grid

If you like word search then you will love Word Maze puzzles. A Word Maze puzzle is like a word search. There is a grid of letters and you need to find words. The letters can go left, right, up, or down. However, a Word Maze puzzle is different because you need to find an entire saying. Sometimes it is easy to find the saying, but other times it can take a long time to find the right path through the maze of letters.

In this sample puzzle, look for "SMILES ARE CONTAGIOUS." With patience, you can find meaning in the chaos.

Free Printable Word Search

Download and print these free inspirational Word Maze puzzles:

Confucious and Theodore Roosevelt
Napoleon Hill and Barbara De Angelis

Try these books that are available at Amazon.com:

Mark Twain Word Maze Puzzles Benjamin Franklin Word Maze Puzzles Solar System Word Maze Puzzles State Capitals Word Maze Puzzles Henry David Thoreau Word Maze Puzzles Aesops Fables Word Maze Puzzle American President Word Maze Puzzles Clever Cats Word Maze Puzzles Delightful Dogs Word Maze Puzzles Happy Horses Word Maze Puzzles Beautiful Birds Word Maze Puzzles Fabulous Fish Word Maze Puzzles Christmas Carols Word Maze Puzzles Have a Funny Punny Christmas Word Maze Puzzles


Looking for a good laugh? Check out the Terrible Stories series! They are not puzzles, but they are tons of fun.

Warn your friends about this book. Marital spats aren't that uncommon, but this one is a world-ending doozy. A side-splitting raucous comedy and a quick read. Safe for everyone, unless you happen to live in Porksville, Kentucky.

Older eBooks

These were the original Word Maze ebooks. These original puzzle ebooks do not format as well on older ebook readers, but they can still be fun!

Christmas Carol Puzzles Christmas in Your Pocket Have a Funny Punny Christmas

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